Weekly photo challenge: Windows

A young reflection in the window. An endless world of possibilities lies on the other side of the window. A world full of new adventures and experience awaits.

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Why do leaves change color in the fall?


Autumn is my favorite season. I love the cooler temperatures, apple picking and the beautiful fall foilage!

But, why do leaves of deciduous trees change color and fall to the ground?

Tree-o-tree standing big and tall
Why do your leaves change color in the fall?

To survive the winter’s cold and grey
The tree’s leaves must go away.

It has to conserve its energy & food
so it’ll still be alive come Springtime.

Up until now its been chlorophyll in the cells, unseen
Absorbing sunlight & displaying the color green.

But as the leaves stop making food
The chlorophyll breaks down, so doomed.

They’ll be no more green color, my fine fellow
Allowing hidden colors to show like orange, purple and yellow.

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The never ending TO-DO List

Giving UpIt seems like my “to do” list is growing and growing. Having two kids and working a full-time job it seems I can never check things off my list!

After work, it’s time for dinner, then playing with my kids and then bedtime. After the kids are in bed I have a precious hour or two to get things done, but this usually involves cleaning the dishes and getting bottles ready for the next day.

In an attempt to make peace with my “to do” list growing like the weeds in my garden, I’ve decided to cross one item off my list–blogging–and feel like I’ve accomplished something monumental.

Damn, I can never finish:

  • Cleaning the upstairs bathroom
  • Washing the inside and outside of car (the inside is a total mess)
  • Blogging
  • Filling out milestones in my son’s baby book
  • Adding photos to albums
  • Writing thank you notes to family and friends
  • Vacuuming
  • Watering the indoor plants
  • Making any kind of dessert
  • Refinancing my home mortgage

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fall

Surrounded! Leaves everywhere.

I recently took my sons to a Nature Center near our house. It was a first for both of them. My older son (almost three) marveled at the turtles, snakes and owls. We even took a small hike around the Nature Center and saw some ladybugs and grasshoppers.

The trip reminded me of when I used to work at a Nature Center (geez, it was ages ago). I would take the kids, who were about the age of my son, for walks through the forest and teach them about the different trees and birds.

Now, that my son is old enough, I can start teaching him about trees and nature! Our first lesson was last week. We went for a walk and looked at all the leaves that fell to the ground. We tried to find red, yellow, orange and purple to bring a collection back home. We also did our first tree identification lesson and learned about oak trees and the acorns that they produce.

Our next lesson will be how to rake the leaves in the backyard!

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Tragic flooding in Binghamton, NY

20,000 Binghamton residents were ordered to evacuate as the Susquehanna River rose 11 feet above flood level.

Dear Binghamton,

I’m sorry the Susquehanna River is flooding your beautiful city. I will always love your fine city for bringing such wonderful things to my life like Spiedie Sauce, Cortese pizza and a husband.

I remember, like it was yesterday, the first time I drove your winding streets. I got miserably lost. I couldn’t find my now-husband’s house. This was a time long before GPS or Google Maps. I had no where to turn for help, so I called sobbing from a Burger King parking lot desperate to find his place.

Your city is extremely magnificent—nestled so perfectly in the Appalachian Mountains. No matter where you go in Binghamton, you’re surrounded by beauty.

I know you’ll rebound quickly from this tragic flood. My husband’s generous and strong character is a testament to his upbringing in your fine city where the people are friendly, courageous and ready for anything.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Path

A young environmentalist on his first nature walk. This path was fun because it was overgrown and fun to run through.

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Write a story in just six words

Early morning outing, spotted a moth.

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